Are you under 30? This might be of interest

Great Place/Rural Media is hosting a youth focused event on June 25 @ the Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford. It’s called Create/Fuel and there’s room for around 100 young people. 

Tickets are free and available here:

 From 12pm to 4.45pm, the day is for 16-30 year olds who might be interested in creative jobs or hobbies, the arts, and history.

There are talks and ‘group chats’ with young creatives who live and work in Herefordshire. Keynote speakers on the day will be Cecilia Knapp, Max Low an illustrator, and Murf from the Beefy Boys. 

From 5pm, the event opens to everyone (all ages) and we’re having a special networking session where arts and heritage groups can meet younger people. Good chance for younger people to be heard when they have their say about culture in the county, maybe seek work experience, mentors, find out more about what’s available locally.

Creative Fellowships at Swansea University

Great potential opportunity for graduates this year –

“Each 12-month fellowship includes a stipend of £10,000 (plus travel and accommodation expenses of up to £1200) paid in three instalments across the fellowship year. The Creativity Fellows will each engage with a specific research project, collaborating with the lead academic and their team to create a new work of art to be delivered, performed/exhibited in the December following the fellowship period.

The Creativity Fellows will also be expected to hold at least 3 public work-in-progress sessions in Swansea with the lead academic of their chosen research project, as well as one student workshop and one community workshop.”

Deadline July 30th

Thanks to Vivian Barraclough for sharing this useful opportunity with Launchgrad!

Exciting opportunity for digital artist!

Exciting opportunity for digital artist!

Herefordshire Museum Service is looking to work with a digital artist from July 2019 to July 2020, for a collaboration  with the museum and communities to make the fabulous museum collections accessible to a wider audience. 

We want to explore innovative ways of taking objects which are by their nature stored in secure, controlled environments, and introduce them to new audiences in the places where people live, work and learn.

We shall be applying for funding from Herefordshire’s a Great Place, Hidden Gems fund and will be submitting an application by the end of May.

 If you would like to find out more and have a conversation  with us, please contact Judy Stevenson:

Tel: 01432 383383/383593

Email: or

Sarah Chedgzoy . 

Thinking of starting your own business?

Following a successful Enterprise session on Friday (I will blog about this in more depth later), I’ve had a few queries from students about where they might find resources about starting their own business.

I would recommend a visit to which talks you through the basics of setting up a business with some useful links, including to potential funding opportunities and how to start-

There is great information about the different types of business on Prospects –

If you are interested in setting up a social enterprise (look at the link above to find out more) then have a look here –

And, finally don’t forget, if you are a current student or a Graduate Associate Member we have a workshop session on Wednesday 12th June here at HCA. This will help you discuss your business idea and create a mission and vision. Book here:


Small, interesting funding streams

I was asked recently for any small funding pots I knew about that didn’t have loads of strings attached to them (for example, you didn’t have to be a registered charity).

I haven’t had direct experience with these, but they looked interesting –

The Awesome Foundation

The Pollination Project

(you can only apply to this if your project is sustainable and meets their ethical standards)

Helium Grant

I was also asked about funding for MA courses – and good news here – yes, you can get funding through a Master’s Loan.

Hopefully this is helpful, and have a lovely weekend! Sarah.