Thinking of a Masters?

I’ve had a couple of Level Six students approach me looking for advice on MA courses. If there are any more students who would like to discuss what MA level study looks like, either around specific research ideas they have or just general advice, please let me know by email, and I’ll arrange a larger workshop.

I’m pleased to also let you know that initial graduate feedback around our ‘starting a creative enterprise’ short online course has been very positive. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in trialling this course with them.


From video to vodcasts

Huge thanks to Nick Brown for sharing his expertise with the Enterprise group yesterday – and also to our amazing SU President, Aimee Leggett, for her shark drop-in!

Nick visited us to talk about the use of video. He shared how different platforms all need different types of video – for instagram, a quick video snapshot is great, but if you want to keep your video, then uploading to Youtube is a better solution.

However, if you’re wanting to blog/journal using video, you’ll need to think more about the kind of content you produce. A video blog might still be filmed on your phone but time and thought will be put into editing and forward-facing your content.

Nick’s top tips for filming useful and usable content are:

  1. Buy a proper audio mike for your phone – poor audio content will let you down
  2. Once you’ve recorded your video, download it to your PC or Mac and use a software package to edit
  3. Buy a tripod. A smartphone tripod costs little and will make a huge difference
  4. Think about lighting – try to put lights above and behind you if you can
  5. If you really want to look professional use more than one camera

I can also proudly report that we now have a shared hashtag on twitter and facebook – #LaunchgradHCA

Huge thanks to the group for coming up with such a great name.

As always, if you’re a recent graduate of HCA and want to get involved or contribute to these discussions please email Sarah.

Because it’s reading week, there will be no Enterprise discussion group next week, but we will meet on the 14th between 12.30-1.30 in QBSR to discuss ‘small objects: creative alternatives to the business card’

Ever wondered about Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property or IP, concerns how you safeguard your ideas and designs and protect them/identify them as your own. It’s a complex legal area but this article from Creative Entrepreneurs magazine is a useful start, and for those who are keen to find out more there’s a great free online course from the Intellectual Property Office that shows you how to identify and protect your IP.

Call for beta-testers of online creative enterprise session

Hello all,

We’re starting to develop some online (digital) sessions to support those recent graduates interested in setting up their own business or engaging in a creative enterprise that makes a profit. To do so, we’re adapting NESTA’s creative enterprise toolkit .

The first draft session is now live on HCA’s Studentnet (although not yet published) and we’re looking for testers who are recent graduates to see both how useful it is and how well the digital format works. If anyone is interested in testing this for me I’d be very grateful of your feedback. Email me for details and a log-in. You don’t have to complete the whole session to test it!

Further information about the whole course available in the Introduction to the toolkit.

You can find out more about the draft session already built in the Session One Overview.