Exciting opportunity for digital artist!

Exciting opportunity for digital artist!

Herefordshire Museum Service is looking to work with a digital artist from July 2019 to July 2020, for a collaboration  with the museum and communities to make the fabulous museum collections accessible to a wider audience. 

We want to explore innovative ways of taking objects which are by their nature stored in secure, controlled environments, and introduce them to new audiences in the places where people live, work and learn.

We shall be applying for funding from Herefordshire’s a Great Place, Hidden Gems fund and will be submitting an application by the end of May.

 If you would like to find out more and have a conversation  with us, please contact Judy Stevenson:

Tel: 01432 383383/383593

Email: jstevenson@herefordshire.gov.uk or

Sarah Chedgzoy schedgzoy@herefordshire.gov.uk . 

Possibly interesting opportunities

The Being Human Festival has just put out its call for pathways. This isn’t a direct call for arts practitioners, but if you’re working with Uni-based humanities researchers in any way it could be a lovely way to support cross-disciplinary working.

If you’re interested in joining the debate on student loans and live near Manchester, the Institute for Fiscal Studies are hosting a free talk at the University of Manchester.