Enterprise Thursday

Enterprise Thursday 23rd April 2020: Live discussion event

This Thursday I’ll be hosting a live video-chat discussion about how we develop our creative practice in a digital world between 12.30-1.10. All recent graduates and current students welcome to attend, and we have a live ‘pinboard’ for comments/thoughts from those who can’t, for whatever reason, access video or audio (and as a backup in case the tech proves challenging).

Enterprise Thursday 8th April 2020: Pop-up Psychogeography journey journal: drift in a time of social distancing

Psychogeography (there’s an excellent explanation on Kevin Greenland’s blog) was first developed by the Letterist Internationale movement in the 1950’s, but is largely associated with the work of Guy Debord, and Situationist Internationale.

The Situationist’s explored the city in new and different ways, sometimes using walkie-talkies to share their thoughts as part of a remote dialogue. Debord’s notion of the dérive or drift reinforces this sense of letting the observer drift around their spaces, not just in a chance way, but aware of the rhythms and ‘contours’ of the city. There are multitudes of contemporary imaginings, uses, movements, creations, adaptations, hackings and other small furry ideas-creatures associated with psychogeography.

My invitation to you is to practice a ‘dérive‘ in the time of social distancing. Take a journey around your surroundings, be these a bedsit or a forest, looking at your space as a ‘site of mystery’, full of ‘unexpected encounters’. Jot down your ideas/images/sketches and words.

I’ll be doing this with Launchgrad ‘live’ on Thursday between 12.30 and 1.00, and you could either do the same or in your own time.

Once you’ve done this, share your ideas with us on this Padlet board. If you want to be identified, include your name in your post, too.

And, if you are feeling super-creative, consider turning your journey into a poem, large or small, that we can share as part of National Poetry Writing Month (email your poems to me or post directly on our NaPoWriMo board)

Invitationpsychogeog from Sarah Crowson on Vimeo.

Enterprise Thursday 23rd March 2020 – Design Thinking

Hello all,

This week we are hosting an Enterprise Thursday online video-chat session between 12.30-1.10 (sorry for the shorter time – the software I am using limits online group meetings to 40 minutes).

This live session is open to all current students and Graduate Associate Members of HCA  – I will be hosting and facilitating – and can accommodate up to 10 people & also provide support to anyone nervous about video chats.

To find out how to join in, email me at s.crowson@hca.ac.uk.

Our topic this week is ‘Design Thinking’, and as a warm-up, you’re invited to find out more about a couple of models of Design Thinking (see article on Launchgrad website​) and share your design thinking process in a sketch or in words on an online pinboard .

I will be popping in and out of the pinboard if anyone joins in (and do please be patient with the software – there are lots of people using remote pinboards at the moment – if you wait, it should load, and if it doesn’t feel free to email me and I will post on your behalf.

I hope to see some of you remotely on Thursday!

best wishes,