Enterprise Thursday

To prepare for our online Enterprise Thursday session, here are some optional activities we can share while socially distancing to help us think about our individual creative ‘design thinking’ process (if we have one).

You can find out more about design thinking here on Launchgrad’s ‘Short Introduction to Design Thinking’.

However, what I’m wondering about is – What is your design process and how would you visualise it? You can see from my post that my thinking/design process is messy to start with and then gets tidier.

Please post on the online pinboard below – to post, double-click or tap on the board or click/tap the little pink + button at the bottom-right hand corner. If you get stuck, try this how-to guide.

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I will be popping in and out with comments and ideas from next week, and if you’d like to join me remotely next Thursday between 12.30-1.30 please email me (s.crowson@hca.ac.uk) for details of how to join. You’ll need an internet connection, video/audio or both and I’ll send you a direct link that you can click on to take part. There’s plenty of time for a dry run beforehand, too, if people haven’t used video conferencing before.

I hope to read some of your ideas soon.


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