Shout-out for Enterprise Thursdays

Huge thanks to the whole of the Thursday Launchgrad group for all their ideas and for working with me to find out what Enterprise at HCA looks like.

I wanted to distill some of the ideas we’ve had around important things to think about around how we create our online professional identities.

So far, Vivian and David have showed us their very different artists websites, Lin showed us a website that she didn’t feel reflected her current practice and Kirstie shared her non-website more fluid based digital spaces, which link together her instagram presence, her blog and an online selling space.

What is great here is that the digital presences shown reflected different personalities and bodies of work. That’s perhaps our first distilled piece of wisdom:

  • Create an individual presence that reflects your practice and your personality.
  • Try to keep your digital space updated if possible, and if it isn’t possible, drop a note in the space which explains why or shares your awareness of this.
  • Occasionally search your name on a search engine, to see what this brings up.
  • Choose a platform that best suits your needs, balancing your technological competencies with time available and what you want to achieve.

We’re taking a break this week (because I’m off to London for an Learning and Skills Research Network meeting and dissertations call)

Thanks again to everyone sharing their thoughts. We meet next on the 21st March where we’re going to bring 5 objects that we’d like to see featured in a portfolio of practice and justify/discuss with the group.

All graduate associate members and current students at HCA welcome! Contact me for further details. Sarah

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