Enterprise bulletin, events and opps 6.4.20

Support for creatives during the COVID-19 crisis

The Arts Council’s has recently released £2 million in funding for creative professionals. There are two funding streams, both with quite tight deadlines, so do read more and find out if you are eligible to apply on their website asap.

New Art West Midlands is continuing to add useful resources and links to their pages. Again, well worth a look.

Grants online have an other useful page of funding for those affected by COVID (not all creative specific, but includes some)

If you are a young entrepreneur (18-30) The Princes Trust and Natwest have launched a £5 million help fund. Details here.

Enterprise Thursday: Psychogeography challenge

This Thursday, I’d like to invite you to participate in a psychogeography challenge. We won’t be holding a live video chat (I want to mix things up a bit as not everyone can participate in video discussion, due to poor wi-fi etc) but instead, I’ll be asking you to spend 15 minutes walking around your current (socially isolated) location on a kind of creative treasure-hunt, looking for unexpected objects and ideas.

There’s an excellent article on psychogeography on Kevin Greenland’s blog. Have a read, if you’re interested, and think about your space as a ‘site of mystery’ full of ‘unexpected encounters’.

Once you’ve walked, document your journey in any way you like – this could be an image of an object, a map you create, a poem, prose…and then either email this to me so that I can share here or post on this pinboard.

You don’t have to do this on real-time on Thursday, but it might be interesting if some of us do so & share our unexpected worlds remotely in real-time. I’ll post more details on Thursday morning, and if you have any queries or suggestions, please email me.

Makers Discussion Group

The very amazing Debbie Parker ran her makers discussion group remotely through zoom last week, and will be running future sessions in this way. For further details, please email Debbie directly.

Features page on Launchgrad

We are continuing with our ‘features’ page on Launchgrad, and please look at last week’s feature which showcases a forthcoming exhibition by L5 Fine Art undergrads. We’ll be adding a further page this week, so watch this space – and if you have amazing work or a project you’d like to see featured, please email Sarah with details.

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