Weekly Bulletin, events and opps 11.5.20

There’s a lot going on online this week, with L5 BA Fine Art’s virtual show, But is it Art? is live and in full swing and L5 BA Graphic and Media Design students online pop-up shop open, with a vast range of exciting goodies to buy.

Meanwhile, our second Enterprise session has gone live. This short series of online activities is designed to help you write short, engaging prose to promote your creative practice on the web, and will be open until May 20th. The course is available to current students and Graduate Associate Members, and delivered through Studentnet.

Our Feature this week looks at the work of Roger Fuller, BA Fine Art course graduate. It follows his frustration at having hung a number of works in a popular local venue only to find that COVID means that no-one can currently view them – but it’s great that we get a sneaky glimpse of them here!

Roger Fuller's paintings

Don’t forget that some of our lovely look-forward-to events in May like Hay Festival have now also gone online – with some brilliant free digital events. How the Light Gets in is also trailblazing with a virtual experience. And for more focus on creative arts discussion, how about Maia in May? They offer some exciting online discussion events all through this month.

It’s Enterprise Thursday video-chat this week, between 12.30 and 1.10. with an invitation to share some of the creative work you’ve been doing so far this May. You can also post on our Padlet board. I’ll post a link to the video discussion on Thursday morning here on the website.

If you’re an artist affected by the COVID crisis there are some new grant opportunities on the Grants Online site. Applications for the Freelands Foundation emergency fund are currently open.

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re a graduate of HCA don’t forget our amazing Makers Challenge – entries due in by the 15th (this Friday).

HCA misses you being on campus and we look forward to the day we can all be on campus again together. The challenge is to think about the essence of what HCA means to you.  It could be an image of a piece of work you have done or memory of a moment on campus, it could be about our values or something about the everyday things you miss at HCA and may have taken for granted.


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