Forthcoming Student Digital Exhibition: But is it Art? 2020

“Giving up never felt like an option”. Curating an exhibition might be daunting in the best of times, but 18 Fine Art Students on the BA degree course at Hereford College of Arts have found an innovative way to share their degree work – despite social distancing.

The exhibition was originally intended to be shown at Maylord Gallery, in the heart of Hereford, but instead But is it Art? 2020 will be presenting a ‘virtual show’ using a variety of digital platforms which include Instagram and Facebook. There will even be a virtual private view on the 1st May with an opportunity to ‘meet the artist’ through video sessions.

The students have been working towards this exhibition since the middle of February this year, developing the work from a self-set brief, then producing a body of work and planning the show, which contributes towards their degree level study.

To digitise the exhibition has been challenging, but although the students are sorry that their experience of each other’s work will be mediated through a digital platform, they’ve proved their ability to problem-solve, creatively coming up with alternative scenarios, learning new digital skills and working as a team using digital platforms.

Despite the current challenges the strong group of artists see this as a great opportunity to showcase their work and represent HCA.

The digital exhibition will explore a thought-provoking range of work, diverse in subject matter and media and including photographic and digital media pieces alongside sculpture, painting and collage. It promises to be a hugely exciting show in terms of both media and medium. 

The exhibition launches on the 1st May, when you will be able to follow on Facebook: But is it Art 2020, and on Instagram @butisitart2020 #butisitart2020

Please contact Flora Maycock,  and Ollie Childs  ​for further details.