Weekly Bulletin, events and opps 20.4.20

Enterprise Thursday

It’s Enterprise Thursday this week, and I’ll be hosting an online discussion about how we might develop our exploration of creative practice in the digital on Thursday 23rd April between 12.30 and 1.10.

I’ll post a link to the meeting on the front page of the website on Thursday, and you can find out how to join here. We’ll be running the narrative design fiction session later on this month, using an online pinboard, but we felt that a more ‘open’ discussion would be a good idea, particularly given the current need to work in the digital space.

Huge thanks to all who took part in our Pop-up Psychogeography invite. Our online pinboard is full of exciting explorations and commentary/feedback!

Enterprise Online Course

Our first Enterprise Online Course, Reflecting on a personal digital professional profile,  launches today, and will run for the next two weeks. All Graduate Associate Members are welcome to join (you’ll need your college log-in to self-enrol through Studentnet).

The course is optional, and runs for two weeks, during which time you can complete activities in your own time. I’ll be popping in and out to facilitate and comment on Tuesdays and Fridays. More details.

New Feature – Digital Conference Review

Huge thanks to Vivian Barraclough, Graduate Associate Member of HCA, for writing our featured article this week. Vivian has written up her experiences of attending a digital conference – Art History in Quarantine. You can read her review on the main HCA website.

External Support for Creatives during COVID-19

Please continue to look at New Art West Midlands opportunities board, which has lots of online opportunities for artists and creatives.

There are two chances to apply for funding support during COVID-19 from the Arts Council. So, if you’re a graduate or current struggling because of income from creative work lost through the COVID crisis, please visit their pages and find out more. You have until the 30th April to apply.

Bicycle and Cycling update for those in Hereford (from Sustrans)

Free Beryl Bike usage for all Key Workers in Hereford

All teaching staff and parents who are Key Workers can access free Beryl Bike usage by following this Council link:

Sustrans’ new scheme for Key Workers – “Cycle for Key Workers”

With support from the cycling industry, we have created an interactive map that shows cycling related offers and services available to key workers in their local area, including:

  • offers on cycles and equipment;
  • free and discounted repair and maintenance services; 
  • free and discounted bike sharing schemes;
  • and the bike stores that remain open during the crisis; 

This will be updated daily.

Adult and Child Cycling Activities

These are short activities which children can do with parents and school staff

  1. How to repair a puncture –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVNxD6rW3zQ
  2. How to check your bike is safe to ride – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qtx60bcNk0
  3. How to Learn to ride – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6SNCvIN4EI&feature=youtu.be

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