Graduate Associate Members – polite reminder about limited IT access at HCA

Hello lovely Graduate Associate Members of HCA. This is just a polite reminder that we have to balance free Graduate Associate Membership with the needs of our current students, and your access to computer facilities is through HCA Library only at quiet times – these are – between 4pm-7pm Mon-Thursday and 1pm-4pm on Fridays (internet and library printer only). Depending on how busy the library is our librarian may occasionally extend these on Thursdays. This is at her discretion.

The more general IT services we can offer are:

• Opportunity to attend technical workshops that are part of Enterprise programmes

.• Opportunity to request bespoke IT workshops as part of the ‘Launchgrad’ programme.

• Pop-up invitations to attend specialist IT workshops.

• Access to blended learning and online Enterprise sessions.

• Subsidised print facilities at student rates.

We are so lucky here to have a wonderful IT team which let me secure limited IT use for you this year. Please be mindful of their workloads and support them in supporting all of us. Thank-you. Sarah.

Details of Launchgrad below

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