How to join Enterprise Thursday activities

This page aims to support people in joining in with Enterprise activities. Anyone is also welcome to email me if they’d like to share their responses and I am happy to post things up on pinboards for them.

How to use Padlet (online pinboards)

Padlet is a little online pinboard. To post something on a Padlet board you don’t need to join padlet, but you need to double-click or tap on the board and a little post-it note should pop up (alternatively, click on the little pink add sign at the bottom right of the screen if you’re using desktop).

You’ll need to include your name, otherwise your post will be listed as ‘anonymous’. More details of what this looks like on Padlet’s ‘How to Post’ board.

How to use zoom to join in with live discussions

What you’ll need:

  • a phone or ipad, or a desktop computer/laptop computer with audio and video
  • an internet connection of some kind, either mobile data or wi-fi
  • in an ideal world – a ‘Zoom‘ application downloaded on your device. You’ll be prompted to download this when you join, or you can download it in advance ( iPhone or Android Download  or Zoom desktop client for meetings). If you have problems with this, email me and I’ll set up a trial session with you.

What happens next:

I will email you a link to the meeting, which includes a code. You’ll be prompted to input the code when you try to join the meeting. I didn’t have to do this in the video below because I was in the slightly odd position of already being in the meeting!

Please note I’m also on a desktop computer – it does look slightly different on a mobile phone or i-pad.

Fancy a trial run?

I am happy to set up a trial run with any HCA student or recent graduate who wants to join in – just email me ( and we’ll sort out a time that suits us both.

Other sources of information: