Online Enterprise Courses

Title Session dates Aims Activities 
Reflecting on a personal digital professional profile Session One 20th April – May 1st  Encourage participants to reflect on who their digital professional profile aims to reach, the key messages it wants to offer out, unique features and potential mediums.  Social media icebreaker 
Self-reflection and peer discussion 
Collaborative research task 
Individual action plan 
Writing short, engaging prose to promote your creative practice on the web Session Two May 4th to May 15th  Facilitate participants ability to write short, engaging prose to promote their practice and evaluate how effective individual pieces are in putting across core messages.  Collaborative Icebreaker Provocation
Research task 
Collaborative writing 
Individual writing 
Peer review  
Creative consultancy – problem-solving and problem seeking Session Three May 18th to May 29th  Develop understanding of transferable skills of creative degree & suggest ways in which these can be used to generate income in different contexts post-graduation, particularly within a portfolio career  Collaborative icebreaker 
 Research Task 
Collaborative ideation 
Reflection/ collaborative writing 
Project planning and bid-writing  Session Four June 1st to June 12th  Facilitate participant’s abilities to successfully plan a project and apply for funding, using appropriate creative planning tools  Icebreaker (scavenger hunt) 
Research task 
Creative canvas introduction 
Writing to the criteria 
Drafting a bid 
Peer review