Shout-out for Enterprise Thursdays

Huge thanks to the whole of the Thursday Launchgrad group for all their ideas and for working with me to find out what Enterprise at HCA looks like.

I wanted to distill some of the ideas we’ve had around important things to think about around how we create our online professional identities.

So far, Vivian and David have showed us their very different artists websites, Lin showed us a website that she didn’t feel reflected her current practice and Kirstie shared her non-website more fluid based digital spaces, which link together her instagram presence, her blog and an online selling space.

What is great here is that the digital presences shown reflected different personalities and bodies of work. That’s perhaps our first distilled piece of wisdom:

  • Create an individual presence that reflects your practice and your personality.
  • Try to keep your digital space updated if possible, and if it isn’t possible, drop a note in the space which explains why or shares your awareness of this.
  • Occasionally search your name on a search engine, to see what this brings up.
  • Choose a platform that best suits your needs, balancing your technological competencies with time available and what you want to achieve.

We’re taking a break this week (because I’m off to London for an Learning and Skills Research Network meeting and dissertations call)

Thanks again to everyone sharing their thoughts. We meet next on the 21st March where we’re going to bring 5 objects that we’d like to see featured in a portfolio of practice and justify/discuss with the group.

All graduate associate members and current students at HCA welcome! Contact me for further details. Sarah

Short Courses – Business Workshops at HCA

This term, the short course programme offers a selection of Business Workshops with John Pring from Designbysoap Ltd, including ‘The Creative’s Guide to Working with Clients’ on 22 March, and ‘An Introduction to Data Visualisation’ on 12 April 2019.

Both workshops run between 9.30am and 12.30pm and cost £55. For further information please contact the Short Course Team by email.

Possibly interesting opportunities

The Being Human Festival has just put out its call for pathways. This isn’t a direct call for arts practitioners, but if you’re working with Uni-based humanities researchers in any way it could be a lovely way to support cross-disciplinary working.

If you’re interested in joining the debate on student loans and live near Manchester, the Institute for Fiscal Studies are hosting a free talk at the University of Manchester.

Thinking of a Masters?

I’ve had a couple of Level Six students approach me looking for advice on MA courses. If there are any more students who would like to discuss what MA level study looks like, either around specific research ideas they have or just general advice, please let me know by email, and I’ll arrange a larger workshop.

I’m pleased to also let you know that initial graduate feedback around our ‘starting a creative enterprise’ short online course has been very positive. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in trialling this course with them.


Save the date! Forthcoming Enterprise events

I’m delighted to give recent graduates and current L6 students notice of two forthcoming Enterprise events. These are:

Social media for Creative Marketing – May 10th

Creating the jobs of the future – May 31st

to If you’re a recent graduate of Hereford College of Arts these are free to attend. Please email me to reserve a place.

There will be one further Enterprise event in May, plus our regular Thursday lunchtime drop-ins. And, as always, if you’d like any particular support please let me know and I’ll do my best to arrange a workshop here in college.

Review of Graduate associate membership

Just to let everyone know that we’re currently reviewing our graduate associate membership scheme.

In response to your feedback, we are piloting further access to IT facilities as part of Graduate Associate Membership. This includes times you can use library computers and specialist printing access through individual arrangement with IT. You will need to prepare a file stating size and paper type.  IT will print the file and arrange collection directly with students. Email for full details. Email directly to arrange printing.

As Graduate Associate Members, charges will be the same as current student prices but prints will need to be paid for prior to collection.

Please let me know if you’re a recent graduate and have any comments or feedback about the scheme as this will help us review. Sarah

From video to vodcasts

Huge thanks to Nick Brown for sharing his expertise with the Enterprise group yesterday – and also to our amazing SU President, Aimee Leggett, for her shark drop-in!

Nick visited us to talk about the use of video. He shared how different platforms all need different types of video – for instagram, a quick video snapshot is great, but if you want to keep your video, then uploading to Youtube is a better solution.

However, if you’re wanting to blog/journal using video, you’ll need to think more about the kind of content you produce. A video blog might still be filmed on your phone but time and thought will be put into editing and forward-facing your content.

Nick’s top tips for filming useful and usable content are:

  1. Buy a proper audio mike for your phone – poor audio content will let you down
  2. Once you’ve recorded your video, download it to your PC or Mac and use a software package to edit
  3. Buy a tripod. A smartphone tripod costs little and will make a huge difference
  4. Think about lighting – try to put lights above and behind you if you can
  5. If you really want to look professional use more than one camera

I can also proudly report that we now have a shared hashtag on twitter and facebook – #LaunchgradHCA

Huge thanks to the group for coming up with such a great name.

As always, if you’re a recent graduate of HCA and want to get involved or contribute to these discussions please email Sarah.

Because it’s reading week, there will be no Enterprise discussion group next week, but we will meet on the 14th between 12.30-1.30 in QBSR to discuss ‘small objects: creative alternatives to the business card’

Invitation to ‘Forging Sustainable Futures’ event at HCA

Forging Sustainable Futures: Interrogating energy efficient blacksmithing.

Forging sustainable futures symposium provides a forum for exploring alternative approaches to sustainable forging. Speakers from industry and craft present alternative models to manipulating metal that seek to reduce the traditionally large carbon footprint of traditional approaches. The day seeks to present and share new methods of working and provide a forum for the blacksmithing community to come together to discuss how a shift to more sustainable ways of working could be made.

Date: Saturday 16th Feb

For more details, and to book tickets, please click on the Eventbrite link below:

Review of bid-writing discussion

Huge thanks to those students who collaborated with me yesterday in HCA. Our discussion revolved around bid-writing and embraced some of the complexities and ethical issues in this area as well as providing nuts-and-bolts advice.

I’ve presented our discussion as a ‘things to think about’ image below.

Specific Resources

We discussed the following specific resources – we’re adding to these on a live document so we can pool our collective resources. If any graduate reading this has anything useful they could add or would like access to the shared document, please email me.

Of course, with any type of fundraising you need to be aware of ethics and data privacy. I’ve found a useful (free) short course that could be helpful.

Herefordshire council funding directory  
The arts council  
Great Place

Next Meeting

We’ll be meeting between 12.30-1.30 next Thursday (24th January) in College Road Campus (QBSR), where we’ll be discussing how to use social media (twitter and instagram). All students and recent graduates welcome. If you’re a graduate wanting to attend, please email me if you’d like to join in the discussion. If you aren’t a Graduate Associate I can sign you ‘in’ at reception.