Review of bid-writing discussion

Huge thanks to those students who collaborated with me yesterday in HCA. Our discussion revolved around bid-writing and embraced some of the complexities and ethical issues in this area as well as providing nuts-and-bolts advice.

I’ve presented our discussion as a ‘things to think about’ image below.

Specific Resources

We discussed the following specific resources – we’re adding to these on a live document so we can pool our collective resources. If any graduate reading this has anything useful they could add or would like access to the shared document, please email me.

Of course, with any type of fundraising you need to be aware of ethics and data privacy. I’ve found a useful (free) short course that could be helpful.

Herefordshire council funding directory  
The arts council  
Great Place

Next Meeting

We’ll be meeting between 12.30-1.30 next Thursday (24th January) in College Road Campus (QBSR), where we’ll be discussing how to use social media (twitter and instagram). All students and recent graduates welcome. If you’re a graduate wanting to attend, please email me if you’d like to join in the discussion. If you aren’t a Graduate Associate I can sign you ‘in’ at reception.


Introducing the Market Arts Collective

Introducing the Market Arts Collective

Introducing the Market Art Collective

I was delighted to be invited to Hereford’s Buttermarket last Wednesday by Market Art Collective (MAC).

MAC are a group of eight graduates and current MA and BA students) who met at Hereford College of Arts. Despite being students and alumni of the same college their work is highly diverse, exploring a wide range of ideas through a variety of media; from folded fabric to found objects. However, all form a critical re-storying in some way – prompting us to question, and to view the familiar as unknown.

Introducing the Market Art Collective 1

Hereford already has a rich history of creativity, but adding to conversations around arts in the city is hugely relevant to HCA and its graduates. This project is particularly exciting as it creates space for recent graduates to work and exhibit whilst continuing a dialogue with HCA which has the potential to benefit current students.

The space is exciting too, a hidden area in the centre of Hereford about to be transformed. The studios are part of a modernisation project which includes the market and the stalls; for the record, the baklava looks beautiful.

Introducing the Market Art Collective 3

The collective will live above the market proper, in what was (I was told) the Judge’s lodging in 1860. It’s a fascinating space; unique, something hidden that is starting to be repurposed and revealed. This is the start of a conversation and a journey for MAC, too. As the studio work progresses and as the graduates/postgraduate students involved start inhabit the space I hope we’ll continue the conversation, and I will keep posting updates on their progress.

If you’re interested in the collective please email or visit their website at


Introducing the Market Art Collective 2
Introducing the Market Art Collective 4
Introducing the Market Art Collective 5
Introducing the Market Art Collective 6
Introducing the Market Art Collective 7

Graduate Outcomes survey


I’m excited to tell you that we have a new post-graduation survey (Graduate Outcomes). You’ll have the chance to participate in the survey around 15 months after graduating and we really hope that you’ll participate in the survey.

It’s a great chance for college to find out what you’re doing after graduation and also to find out ways we can best support you and carry on the conversation with you after you’ve started your post-degree creative journey.

here or by watching the video below:

If you have any questions about the survey or would like further information please contact Sarah directly.

Funded PhD opportunities

The University of West London has just released their funded PhD opportunities. 

These include art and design projects around:

  • The intermediality of art cinema
  • Modern European cinema, landscape and environmental awareness
  • Overcoming the barriers of conventional recruitment and hiring methods in the creative industries
  • Smart brands: a design challenge for smart learning ecosystems

If you are interested in the above and could live/work in London then worth investigating!

Ever wondered about Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property or IP, concerns how you safeguard your ideas and designs and protect them/identify them as your own. It’s a complex legal area but this article from Creative Entrepreneurs magazine is a useful start, and for those who are keen to find out more there’s a great free online course from the Intellectual Property Office that shows you how to identify and protect your IP.

Funding opportunity!

Found this on the NESTA newsletter (a good one to sign up for)
Amplified Fund: Last call

Calling all UK creatives! There’s just one week left to apply for funding and support for your digital idea that addresses a social challenge. Our Amplified project is offering £10k in funding for digital ideas that improve the lives of others, as well as a mentor to help you bring your project to life. Apply by Wednesday 14 November 2018. Find out more and apply.

Call for beta-testers of online creative enterprise session

Hello all,

We’re starting to develop some online (digital) sessions to support those recent graduates interested in setting up their own business or engaging in a creative enterprise that makes a profit. To do so, we’re adapting NESTA’s creative enterprise toolkit .

The first draft session is now live on HCA’s Studentnet (although not yet published) and we’re looking for testers who are recent graduates to see both how useful it is and how well the digital format works. If anyone is interested in testing this for me I’d be very grateful of your feedback. Email me for details and a log-in. You don’t have to complete the whole session to test it!

Further information about the whole course available in the Introduction to the toolkit.

You can find out more about the draft session already built in the Session One Overview.



Eco-sustainability at HCA – Call for ideas!!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions as to how HCA might improve it’s sustainability? We have introduced re-usable coffee cups since last year but would love to know any other thoughts you might have as to next steps. To contribute to this hugely important discussion please contact Sarah ( and I can either relay thoughts or sign you into college as a visitor so you can add to some sketchbook ideas-gathering spaces we are currently running in the cafe space at CRC. All ideas welcome.