Are you under 30? This might be of interest

Great Place/Rural Media is hosting a youth focused event on June 25 @ the Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford. It’s called Create/Fuel and there’s room for around 100 young people. 

Tickets are free and available here:

 From 12pm to 4.45pm, the day is for 16-30 year olds who might be interested in creative jobs or hobbies, the arts, and history.

There are talks and ‘group chats’ with young creatives who live and work in Herefordshire. Keynote speakers on the day will be Cecilia Knapp, Max Low an illustrator, and Murf from the Beefy Boys. 

From 5pm, the event opens to everyone (all ages) and we’re having a special networking session where arts and heritage groups can meet younger people. Good chance for younger people to be heard when they have their say about culture in the county, maybe seek work experience, mentors, find out more about what’s available locally.

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